Q: Which flip chip setting is which?

A: Hopefully this will make it clear:


Q: What front derailleur do you recommend?

A: All the KS link all mountain bikes can accommodate 2×10 (Shimano and SRAM) and 3×10 (SRAM only) setups. Using only a low direct front derailleur with either a SRAM S3 or a Shimano 2012 and later E2 type with the BB shell plate removed will work. There are two cable stop positions… the middle is for SRAM and the driveside position is for Shimano

Q: Where is my local banshee dealer?

A:Please use the the map on Dealers Page to find a retailer near you. If you do not have a dealer near you, then please contact your countries distributor which is marked with a red tag on the map.

Q: What warranty do Banshee offer?

A:You can find details of the Banshee warranty here… BansheeWarranty

Q: Where can I get spare parts for my bike?

A: You should contact your local dealer or distributor if you require spare parts. A map of dealers and distributors can be found here

Q: Do you ever sell any demo bikes?

A: Your local dealer or distributor just might, so no harm in asking.

Q: Where can I get Banshee Clothing?

A: It is something we are working on… coming soon!

Q: Can I get some free stickers?

A: Not at the moment. We hope to change this once our webstore is up and running though.

Q: Can you sponsor me?

A: We only accept sponsorship applications between September 1st & October 31st for the following year’s team. Please email hello@bansheebikes.com and be sure to include a riding resume, and a link to some photos and video of you riding. Include covering letter explaining your plans for the future and what you feel you could bring to the Banshee team.